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Editor’s Letter: Winter Is Coming

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Right now there’s a squirrel causing a ruckus outside. I heard the crickets last night. It’s that beautiful, fleeting moment, sandwiched between the heat and humidity in summer (requiring A/C), and the cold of winter — when you can open your windows and enjoy the fresh air and the sounds of nature. It seems impossible to believe that snow and ice will soon be upon us. It will. You could end up out in the cold if you don’t prepare now. So Turf Editor-in-Chief Anne Cosgrove interviewed Phill Sexton of WIT Advisers and Neal Glatt of Snowfighters Institute to talk about changes impacting the snow industry this year. This discussion focuses on specialized equipment and how to handle the shortage of labor. It also addresses chemical runoff issues. The Snow & Ice Management Association (SIMA) also contributes to this Turf edition with tips for employee safety, both seasonally and year-round. This topic is especially relevant for companies that may have a lot of new employees.

Obviously, in order to get snow and ice work or any other landscape work, you have to first win the bid. Software can help you determine your true costs, estimate past wins and losses, give timely estimates and much more. Bidding is a key aspect of business management. It’s the reason why other important aspects like work-life balance and family time are often overlooked. In an interview with Turf, Chant Singvongsa, owner of Singvongsa Landscaping in Jackson, MN, admits, “I didn’t have a work-life balance for the first 10 years.” Sound familiar? You can read how he managed stress and challenges and even started his own YouTube channel.

One last thought. You’ll see a lot of product coverage in this issue! Why? Why? Because GIE+EXPO(tm), which is just around the corner, is a great opportunity for manufacturers to showcase their latest products and equipment. You’ll see lots of new products and cool upgraded features. Enjoy!

Managing Editor, Turf

Turf Fall 2021 Issue | Table of Contents

Turf Fall 2021 Issue

Six Ways To Improve Job Bids | Increase your success rate when bidding customer jobs utilizing valuable software features.

Work-Life Balancing Act | Build your business by applying lessons learned along the way.

Trends For Snow Contractors To Watch | Equipment, labor, and environment are among the factors impacting the industry as a whole.

Snow Work and Staff Safety | From daily check-ins to season-long strategy, consider these procedures for a smoother snow season.

Fertilizer Tips For Fall | Best practices vary by geography, but several principles apply across the board.

Drainage And Retaining Walls | This landscaping element offers form and function, and water management is key.

My Landscape: Urban Greenery At NYC Hospital | A hospital tower for NYU Langone Health in Manhattan includes 25,000+ square feet of landscaped terrace space.

Get Equipped | GIE+Expo Preview, Snow & Ice, Small Engine & Handheld, and Sprayers/Spreaders/Seed

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