The Power of Positivity

Building a positive work culture can pay dividends

As a painting contractor, you’re likely looking for ways to get more out of your team, in addition to ensuring that they’re generally content and not looking to bolt as soon as a job becomes available with a competitor.

The most obvious carrot-on-a-stick to ensure such loyalty typically focuses on salary, but there are other simple means of promoting a positive working environment that can pay significant dividends for any contractor.

This article will discuss the benefits of creating a positive work environment and how you can make it happen in your company.

Why you want to keep it positive

Better retention for your bottom line. Many industries have been hit hard by a shortage of workers. This has had a negative impact on growth. According to the American Center for Progress, replacement costs for lost production, training and other costs for an employee are approximately 20% of their annual salary. It can be costly to replace a job-hopping employee who is unhappy.

Minimize work-related stress. While there may be times you feel the need for your crews’ peak production, consider the stress levels they are being subjected to and their potential impact on their safety, efficiency, and well-being. According to the American Psychological Association, work-related stress is increasing in American workers. Up to 80% of workplace accidents can be attributed to stress. Inefficient workers can be made more stressed workers by a constant pressure to do more, faster, or better.

Plugged-in employees deliver more. Research shows that employees who feel engaged in a positive work environment are more productive and on-time. This contributes to your company’s profitability.

Teamwork wins. A painting crew is one of the few operations that benefits more from successful collaboration. Positive teammates will be more productive and open to working together.

Why not? Would you rather be part of an environment that encourages growth and development and builds up people, than beating them down? This environment is good for your employees, but it’s also good for you! Customers will also enjoy a positive team environment.

Here’s how

Encourage professional development. Employees who take on more responsibility and demonstrate new skills are rewarded. This is a win-win situation for all parties. Employees who improve their skills will be proud of their work and you’ll be rewarded with a more flexible team. Sherwin-Williams has a variety of videos that will help you and your team improve their skills.

Ask for feedback. Your employees have a better understanding of your efficiency, and your processes than you. Employees will feel valued if they are encouraged to contribute and implemented their ideas.

Avoid the blame game. It’s not uncommon for mistakes to occur in the world of a painting contractor. It’s important that mistakes are identified, corrected and reassessed so they don’t happen again. However, it can be frustrating to point fingers at others. This only leads to resentment. If they made a mistake, forgive them and support them.

Earn their trust. Get to know your employees and encourage them to speak up about any topic. Employees will be more open to asking for guidance and help if they feel you care about their well-being. Studies show that employees are more likely to learn and perform better in such an environment.

Flexibility Flexibility HTML3_ HTML3_ Flexibility HTML4_ HTML5_ Flexibility HTML3_ HTML4_ Flex-time scheduling will have its limitations in the world of professional painting contractors. Consider the possibilities. Split-shift and second-shift scheduling might give certain team members more time to care for family matters, or to attend to other tasks. This creative scheduling may also be beneficial for your customers.

Have fun! You can make work fun, even if you are not on-site. You can reward your performance with gift cards, lottery tickets, or sports tickets. You can set aside time for inter-company competitions like lawn games, bowling, or just a casual gathering. You can buy lunch, coffee, icecream, or other post-work beverages. You don’t need to spend a lot. This gesture will let your employees know that you care about more than getting the best out of them.

Loyalty is a two-way street. If you create a positive work environment, loyalty can be increased from your employees. This will allow you to achieve greater efficiency, profitability, and overall success for you and your team. Your company will be known for being a desirable workplace for people who want to join a winning team.

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