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Contractors can leverage Sherwin-Williams Colormix(r) Forecast and Color of the Year selections

As a painting contractor, you often are a bystander when it comes to color selection, which is typically the work of an interior designer or a decision that’s already been made by the homeowner.

That said, there can be cases when your color advice might get a project started faster. You could also have the chance to increase the value of your services and put your customer at the forefront of color research and trends. Sue Wadden is Sherwin-Williams’ Director of Color Marketing. She creates the annual Colormix Forecast with the help of a talented forecast team and chooses the Color of the year. This color research is a great way for contractors to differentiate themselves.

Contractors can get nervous about discussing color in this manner. This level of discussion may resonate more with interior designers,” Wadden says. A little education can make a big difference for contractors. Wadden says it is not easy to create a forecast and select the Color of the Year 2022, and this is why I invite them to do so.

Our forecast team is made up of subject matter experts representing all our divisions,” Wadden says. “Architectural, industrial and general industrial, Performance Coatings. Latin American team. European team. Consumer brands. These are all segments of Sherwin-Williams. We all travel the world to attend seminars or design shows, and we learn from each other.

Then, in February, the forecast group meets for three days to discuss what we’ve learned, all that’s happening, including politics, global pandemics, and where design is going. The team takes all that information and lays it out. Finally, we discuss the implications of color. Over the course of three days you will see patterns emerge, and we then come up with a colour forecast.

“It’s an amazing, fascinating, organic process that digests all these influences and just gets to the crux of what’s going on in color.”

Nature drove 2022 selection

The 2022 Colormix Forecast is comprised of four color palettes, and the Color of the Year is selected from one of them.

We talked about how nature was influencing design this year,” she said. “We discovered that nature helped people in many ways, including helping them to plant their gardens or bring nature into their homes. This whole movement, which is the personification and embodiment of nature, drove our selection process.

From that large theme, we began to pull in the colors that made sense. It was about choosing a beige, a warm brown, a natural color, and then putting together a palette.

Usually, there is one color that runs through all of the palettes: sage green. Blue and green are always in fashion year after year. For the past couple of years, it has been dark greens.

But now, we are seeing that green is almost acting as a neutral because people embrace color. According to Wadden, Evergreen Fog can look like a gray if it is viewed in the right light. This makes it feel like a neutral.

We knew we wanted to do something green and it was about finding the right one. We found Evergreen Fog to be the perfect choice. It’s not too bright, it’sn’t too grey, not to yellow, and not too dark or too light. It is everything we wanted it to be. It’s an amazing color. It’s very life-likey. It makes a great exterior siding and door color. It’s not limited to interiors .”

Validation will be made in the future if the forecast is correct.

” I would like homeowners to visit Pottery Barn or Target next year to see the color. A forecast is a way to see what the future holds. It gives them a preview of the future in design. It gives them a sneak peek into the design industry.”

Contractor COTY connection

Wadden notes that some contractors might not be interested in the mechanisms behind Color of the Year selection, but their customer might. It can help build trust and sell potential customers by being able to talk to them about color and suggest the 2022 Colors of the Year.

Contractors can benefit from understanding the whys and hows of the forecast. This will help homeowners. You can tell homeowners the story of Evergreen Fog, or you can just say, “People are using Evergreen Fog in their mud rooms, on cabinets, and on trims. This might be a good option to Agreeable Gray

“. It might be an interesting conversation for contractors and might help them feel less intimidated about leading a customer to this kind of color discussion .”

. Even contractors who are not interested in the topic can use Sherwin Williams multiple color resources including the Sherwin Williams PRO+ App, which allows you to request a complimentary online session with a color expert. You can also share colors by email or text, view more color trends, order color chips online, get paint and supplies at exclusive discounts, and create professional bidding.

Just send it to our virtual consultants.” she said. We have many color resources. Contractors don’t need to do the heavy lifting .”

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