Shopping for Dual Fuel Thermostat

I’m in the proccess of upgrading my entire HVAC system with a Dual fuel furnace/Heat pump Here’s the items I purchased

Goodman Furnace 60,000 BTU 96% AFUE Variable Speed Gas Furnace: GMVC960603BN

Goodman 3 Ton 18 SEER Two-Stage Heat Pump: GSZC180361

Godman 3 to 3.5 Ton Coil: CHPF3743C6

I Live in California, Electricity energy prices are very high but i’m adding solar. I’ve sized my array to in theory be able to mostly heat my home in winter and cool in summer off my solar energy and NEM2.0 credits here in CA. Without solar, I believe the gas furnace will actually be cheaper to run than paying electricity rates to run the efficient heat pump. I’m not entirely sure that I will produce enough solar energy to completely pay for heating which was why I opted for the dual fuel gas furnace.

not knowing much about HVAC systems, What I was originally thinking was that with a dual fuel system I would be able program a system based on time on how I wanted my home to be heated.


6AM Heat on, set to 68 degrees heat via gas

6: 30AM – 4PM Heat on, set to 68 degrees heat via heat pump.

4PM – 9PM heat on, set to 68 degrees heat via gas.

This would be my ideal setup. Climate is very mild in the CA bay area where I live and winter temps rarely ever drop below 35 degrees outside. This would allow my system to perform it’s initial first heat up in the morning on gas, run on electric during the day, then during our peak energy rates 4-9pm switch back to gas. seems simple, but I don’t think a system that will do this exists after researching. At this point i’m thinking that maybe if I were to increase my outside temp threshold that switches to AUX heat it may be possible to come close to operating in this fashion.

if anyone has any tips on a thermostat or how I could somehow come close to accomplishing this type of setup, feel free to reply and point me in that direction.

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