AX to N4 JACE upgrade(s)

  1. Here is my situation, I currently have an AX JACE that has completely crashed at one of my buildings in the K-12 School district that I maintain. The local Controls company has informed me that they would need to replace the existing JACE with a new N4 JACE, but will retrograde the software to AX for the time being. The District has been sold on the idea that we will be required to upgrade to the new N4 JACE in the entire district within the next couple of years. So the new JACE would only require a software upgrade to N4 and updated graphics, and wouldn’t require additional hardware when everything else is upgrade to the N4. My issue is that the local Controls company has pretty much cornered the market in my area and I not able to get comparitable pricing for the install, they have qouted over 10 grand just to replace the single AX JACE and I am not sure if that is reasonable? Just for reference I have an upcoming Niagra training course (hopefully first of many) to help with troubleshooting, installation, and fine tuning of my HVAC equipment so I can provide better service to my community and everyone wotking in the buildings I maintain. I hope this makes sense and understand this may not be the correct place to ask my question I simply don’t have anywhere else to ask.

    I appreciate your patience and reply’s.

  2. AX downgrades are no longer available along with all other new AX licences. Look up AX end of life. They will have to migrate it to N4. Unless they have devices that were already licensed for such. Pricing can’t be discussed but it isn’t cheap. Price increases over the last year have been bad

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