rheem heatpump pjl ( weatherking) tripped and it was the contactor

rheem pjl heatpump ( the weatherking cube)

came home to a tripped breaker

unit just 11yrs old and well cared for (warranty was 10yrs of course)

got out the equipment

checked everything

comp windings

comp windings to ground

fan windings

fan windings to ground

run cap uf and ground


if anyone tells you in a utube video that a contactor never trips the breaker and it is always a motor…


I have the photos of the old contactor pulled apart to show you the single pole side arc failure.

disconnect the compressor and cap/fan lead.

( all the power out leads from the contactor,

and make sure the fan control wire is pulled, some put that on the bottom full time power side of the contactor.

should only have yellow 24/27v line connected to the contactor) –

then test just the contactor going on (240v at the top)…

My pjl oem contactor had a button and arced right inside the the single pole.

could see the arch

replaced it with a 40a single pole contactor ( since old contactor rated 35a, even though 10g wire from main panel breaker is 30a)


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