The White Glove Experience

Dedicated reps offer solutions to your everyday challenges

When you’re managing a property, every day can bring new and unexpected challenges. Even if you’re part of a larger national property management company, you still need to make decisions at the local level using every resource at your disposal.

Thankfully, through your company’s national account agreement with Sherwin-Williams, you have access to a suite of tools and services. Whether you’re based in Minneapolis or Miami, Boston or Boise, Sherwin-Williams offers unrivaled coast-to-coast consistency of products, color and industry expertise. Your national agreement ensures that you get the same benefits no matter where your property is based, with convenient access to top-tier service.

“We aim to give our local properties the white-glove experience,” says Chris North, Sherwin-Williams Director of Property Maintenance National Accounts. “It’s about customer service. Property managers work hard, and we want to give them the quality treatment they need and deserve, and no other competitor can offer that same level of service.”

Total Solution Provider

With more than 5,000 locations across North America, Sherwin-Williams has a store near you.

“Not only do we manufacture and sell our paint products, but we also have a full line of sundries,” North says. “We also have 138 dedicated floor covering facilities, which allows us to be the total solution provider to a local property manager.”

Each store boasts Sherwin-Williams expert salesforce, high-quality products, and consistency in color and pricing.

“We are the best in the industry at color matching,” North says. “Sometimes it’s hard for a maintenance manager or property manager to stay organized with all the different products and colors they use for their buildings’ interiors and exteriors. We can provide expert color matching that eliminates the guesswork and gives them exactly what they need. That minimizes the cost involved to managers of having to do full repaints.”

In fact, local property managers who have national accounts will have their previous color and product orders saved by their local store, making follow-up orders seamless and simple. Even if they go to another store in another state, their order history is just a few clicks away.

“We can retain purchase history for up to 10 years for a local property,” he says. “When property managers buy from other suppliers or big box stores, those suppliers don’t do a very good job of keeping a record of what they’ve purchased. So now it’s a month later and the property manager is scrambling to find a receipt or find an empty can so that they can get a reorder of that product. But if they call us and they say, ‘Last month, I bought some paint from you,’ we can pull up their exact order within a couple minutes and order more of the same.”

And because these stores stay open seven days a week, their expert reps are available to help even during the weekend.

“Crises don’t wait around for normal business hours,” North says. “If something goes wrong on the weekend, our dedicated sales reps are there to help, and their knowledge and expertise are unmatched. When you talk to a Sherwin-Williams rep, you can rest assured that they are a trusted and valuable resource.”

Solutions at Your Fingertips

Sometimes work can keep property and maintenance managers from leaving the office. In those cases, Sherwin-Williams can come to you.

Sherwin-Williams offers free delivery to properties from any of its stores, with no minimum purchase required.

“Our free delivery service is a huge value for local property managers,” North says. “They don’t have to buy in bulk to get a better price or free delivery. That’s big, because a lot of local properties don’t have the excess storage space needed to stock bulk orders. So if they just need a bucket of paint or some supplies, we can bring it over on the same day to them, which saves managers from having to leave the property to go pick it up themselves.”

Sherwin-Williams reps can also come out to your property to conduct free property assessments, which North says is one of their most valuable—but often underutilized—services to local properties.

“Too many people don’t take advantage of our sales reps, who can come out to the property at any time to walk the entire property inside and out,” North says. “They can identify any issues on the property as well as pain points or challenges the property manager might face regarding paints and supplies. Then they will meet with the property manager to discuss their findings and suggest specific products designed to solve those challenges.”

In other words, the free property assessment service might help you identify and solve a problem on your property before you even know that it’s a problem.

After the meeting, the rep will send a free digital copy of the report that highlights all the problems and product solutions discussed during the meeting. Potential issues that can be addressed include exterior upkeep, unit turning rates, and water damage or staining.


Taking advantage of these services is as easy as picking up the phone and calling your local Sherwin-Williams store. Ask to speak with the manager or assistant manager, and they can set you up with a sales rep who will meet with you to find out what you need. You can also fill out this form.

“It’s always a joy when we can meet with a property manager for 15-20 minutes and, in a very short period of time, provide solutions to their most pressing challenges,” North says. “Because we all know property managers are dealing with hundreds of different things throughout the course of each day. They can always count on Sherwin-Williams day in and day out. We’re here to help them get the job done right.”

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