Question about changing furnace filter

  1. All my life I’ve put furnace filters in so that the screen side goes towards the motor. Seems they are assembled so that the screen supports the filter element and keeps it from getting pulled into the motor.

    Lately, I’ve noticed the arrow on the filter shows them to be installed with the screen on the intake side. It’s like they are the same except the arrow has been reversed.

    Anybody else notice this?

  2. Most I see have the arrow point toward the furnace/motor.. Not sure what’s up here.

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  4. When I see that my first thought is that someone put the cardboard strip in the machine backwards when the filter was made. Most filters are the same on both sides except if they have the screen although some do have a coating which would come into play. I would continue to put the screen towards the motor. If you are changing them before they get plugged it really should not matter.

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  5. Are you using 3M filterette? I believe they have a plastic mesh glued to the opposite side of a traditional filter. If that’s what you are using I would recommend switching brands because they are very bad for air flow and way too expensive.

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  6. Here’s a couple pics. Seems like the flow has always been opposite in the past.

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