Should I stick with Honeywell V8043s or switch to Taco 571 ZVs?

Hello all, so I am wondering what some of you might do in my predicament. Let me give you a brief background: I am a boiler professional/technician who works primarily with large industrial steam boiler controls. I am about to put a brand new combi boiler in my own house which includes all new trim and accessories, including new zone valves and a Taco zone controller (4 zones). Currently my home has all Honeywell ZVs and as a result, I have amassed quite a collection of spare heads and other spare parts for them (end switches, motors, etc). I have had quite a bit of problems with them in the past 8 years since I’ve bought the house. If I stick with the Honeywells I would buy 4 brand new ones (valve body and all) which would mean I would then have a total of 5 complete spare units plus additional spare parts. However, given the number of problems I have had with the Honeywells, I am seriously considering switching to Taco 571s and just selling all the Honeywell stuff I have. I have seen a few other discussions online comparing these two valves and the pros and cons of each. But frankly there is no definitive answers, some people prefer the Honeywells and insist they have less known problems, others prefer the Tacos and make the same claim about them.

I am wondering what some of you would do in this situation? Also, if there are other ZVs that you think are better than both, please let me know. I have heard good things about Caleffi ZVs…

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